The illustrations

The role colour plays in our natural world is fascinating. Animals come a infinite variety of shades and hues and their coloration is so important, it can mean the difference between life and death for them.

Natures exquisite colour palette is also an endless source of inspiration in art.

I draw animals because I love and cherish the natural world. But also increasingly to highlight some of the struggles many species go through because of just one, we humans.

All animals have a right to live peacefully within their habitat. We should adapt our way of life to prevent further loss of precious and endangered animals who cannot adapt theirs.

I donate many of my illustrations to animal welfare organizations, and I also draw animal inspired pieces, specifically aimed at children.

All of my illustrations are hand drawn digitally using an iPad and pencil. It is my favorite medium, due to its versatility and flexibility.

You can see more work my Instagram page, @leneholmen or click on the little cat:


Drawing Process Video